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Thread: Meeting with Sonny

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    Default Meeting with Sonny

    In my introductory thread here a month or 2 ago I mentioned that I was hoping to have Sonny Morris build me a mandolin. Well, I get to go visit him next week to work out the details on an F5 build. I will also get the opportunity to see what he currently has on hand (nice A5 in the classifieds). I am beyond excited!
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    Default Re: Meeting with Sonny

    Sounds exciting. I've never commissioned a custom build, but watching one come together from the ground up sounds like an adventure. Best of luck to you.
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    I drive my there once in a while, but always on the way to somewhere. I need to make it a point to stop sometime. Seems like a nice guy.

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    Default Re: Meeting with Sonny

    He and his wife are both gracious and interesting folks. I enjoyed my visit with them a couple years ago (and I came home with a new mandolin).
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