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Thread: Songlist for next week (in my dreams)

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    Default Songlist for next week (in my dreams)

    Hi, I got an invitation to a group session, though they don't seem convinced about a mandolin, and here is the song list. Great tunes, but out of my wheelhouse for a week of preparation. I'll try to chord along, play a break or two, and hope to be invited back. I'll bring the magnetic pickup and a small amp; they have horns and drums. This seems more social than gigging oriented, and I'm looking forward, though a bit nervous...

    Freddie the Freeloader
    Song for My Father
    So What
    Wake Me Up When September Ends
    Stella By Starlight
    All The Things You Are
    Satin Doll
    Killer Joe
    Ruby My Dear
    One Note Samba
    My Favorite Things
    In a Sentimental Mood
    Blue Monk
    Blue In Green
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    Default Re: Songlist for next week (in my dreams)

    Very cool Dave, let us know how it goes.

    I remember my first jam with "real jazz players". I was vey nervous, hoping they wouldn't discover I was a fraud. After I got over that and just played, it turned out to be very fun and a number of them hired me to play gigs with them. They are folks just like us who are doing this for the love of the music!
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    Default Re: Songlist for next week (in my dreams)

    Nice list, should be fun. Looks like a good workout there in the flat keys for some tunes that don't transpose easily (All the things, Jordu). Some of the others you'll eventually find yourself playing in any key at all.

    I learned Ruby My Dear off the Monk/Coltrane record when I was in high school, but have still never had a chance to play it with anyone.

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    Default Re: Songlist for next week (in my dreams)

    Dave, there is a wonderful mandolin version of “My Favorite Things” done by Reischman on the Tony Rice CD “Backwaters”. Might give you some inspiration.
    Al in PT

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    Default Re: Songlist for next week (in my dreams)

    Nothing wrong with sitting back and listening when out of your league. Take notes, if necessary. Is it problem to bring lead sheets and read the chords off or even the basic melody?

    I have attended a swing session near here and there are some pretty decent players but there are also folks who play basic stuff. The idea is fun and most folks know you will get better as you get used to the situation.

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    Default Re: Songlist for next week (in my dreams)

    It went well. Starting with "can you play jazz on a mandolin" and ending with me getting to call the last tune and "we are really glad you came, please come back, I have another group you might like to play with."

    I was nervous, and got lost several times, but managed to chord along and play a solo on almost all of the tunes. Friendly, good players. A very good bass player.


    Now to get to work and really improve sight reading (I'm barely functional now) and mentally figuring out parts to play that fit the sound.

    Thanks for the support!

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