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Thread: Your MAS Progression

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    Default Re: Your MAS Progression

    Kentucky KM-270 (will probably sell)
    Northfield Model M

    I decided to upgrade after about a year with the Kentucky. I love the Northfield, which I've had for about a month now. I haven't listed the Kentucky for sale yet, but I don't imagine keeping it long term. As a non-professional guitar player picking up the mandolin, I've learned that I don't really need more than one of a particular instrument. Now, when I get tired of how my guitar sounds, it's way more fun to pick up my mando than to pick up a different guitar (and vice versa).

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    Default Re: Your MAS Progression

    1987 Gilchrist F5 still have
    1999 LaPlant F5 still have
    2004 Gilchrist F5 still have
    2005 LaPlant F5 still have
    MAS cured!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demetrius View Post
    You bought a Campanella...
    Look at the date on the post you quoted. It’s a few years old (March 2018), but I will say, I still have that Girouard (which is what I was referring to in the post).
    There's nothing better than first-hand experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soliver View Post
    MAS has been gentle on my limited income. Fortunately Ive been able to raise and save up funds to have a few decent instruments.

    1. Craigslist $50 Rover RM-25 ... still have this in the closet. My oldest daughter noodles with it from time to time.
    2. Eastman MD-305 ... after parting with some gear from another hobby and scrimping and saving, I bought this and am stil loving it.
    3. Flatiron 1N ... started carving and selling Armrests and saved up for this guy. Another craigslist buy. After owning it for a few months I decided that the flat top sound was not for me. I just sold it a week or so ago.
    4. Saving up for a Silverangel Econo A oval hole mando... Im about 1/2 way there and excited at the prospect... anybody need an Armrest
    To update this:

    1. The Rover still hides in a closet and my daughter will pull it ou every 3rd blue moon and give it a try.
    2. The Eastman has gone to a new home. I loved it but when I upgraded it sat unused, so I passed it on.
    3. The Flatiron 1N went on to a new home as stated above.
    4. Silverangel Econo A... I finally made it to my goal a little over a year ago, but decided on an F-hole model. This one is custom made with a cedar top an my pick of finished. It is a keeper and my main go-to. Dark, Powerful and Loud
    5. Jacobson Oval A Nautilus (Prototype)... This was a gift from Marty himself. Its very different from the SA but it has a lovely tone. Bell-like, not as loud but really sings.
    aka: Spencer
    Silverangel Econo A #429
    Jacobson Nautilus Oval Hole Prototype

    Hand Crafted Mandolin Armrests
    Check them out here

    "You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage
    to lose sight of the shore, ...and also a boat with no holes in it.

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    Default Re: Your MAS Progression

    I am almost certain Im forgetting a few. Im feeling ptsd coming on just typing this list...
    1. Washburn A style
    2. German un-named two point
    3. Gibson F-9 prototype
    4. Collings Mt2
    5. Brunkalla F-5
    6. Brunkalla F-5
    7. Brunkalla A-5
    8. Gibson DMM prototype #1 Charlies
    9. Brentrup F-5C
    10. Dudenbostel #14
    11. Wiens F-5 #40
    12. Givens A6
    13. Gilchrist F-5
    14. Arrow G-5
    15. Givens A-6
    16. Gilchrist F-5
    17. Stiver F-5
    18. Stiver A-5
    19. Stiver A-5
    20. Hopefully a Campanella

    Happy Holidays!

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    Default Re: Your MAS Progression

    I'll play along here! Too many to list that have gone but here are the keepers for now anyway? Some that went: Many Gibson F-5's, Gilchrists, Paganoni's etc...
    December 1st 1924 Loyd Loar signed Gibson F-5 with Virzi-all original and a very refined delicate voice, hardly played/great condition and came from a pawn shop in the 1990's. with a very nice Loar limy Green case. Has opened up and sounds a whole lot better than when I first bought it over a year ago!

    1926 Gibson F-5 Fern-all original and powerful, found in the middle of a room in the 50's in/around Washington DC by a cleaning lady that was headed for the trash with a bunch of junk left by the previous tenant so she kept The Fern and saved till the 1970's and sold it to the Music Emporium when it was located in Pennsylvania. Has a Loar style green lined case.

    1934 Gibson F-5 Fern-all original and the best 30's 5 I've played thus far! Original American Beauty Loar style case-near perfect, came from Mr.Dawg Grisman's collection. Originally went to Canada as an export model with a Gibson sales rep.

    1934 Joe Wilson F-5ish copy, historical and unique-getting fixed by David Harvey "should be a killer!" Needed neck set but Dave had to cut a trad. dovetail as neck and block were basically one piece, Also he has to put in some light Loar style tone bars as there was no top bracing at all, also will need all new hardware and new fret board with replica inlays! Could be the first Gibson type copy? This was passed around a ton but nobody ever put any $ in her so I seen the potential in her so I decided to get her up and a going! David said for sure a 1934, has varnish finish and built by someone who had great knowledge of violin building techniques!

    1935 Gibson A-50 elevated board-odd as has a bigger body than most all the same elevated board F-hole A-50's? David H. did a neck set and put a radius board on her, Sounds like a period F-5 believe it or not! Scary good! David said this one sounds better than a load of 30's F-5's he's played and couldn't believe how well this one sounded.

    2017 Gary Vessel Loar tribute F-5 Clone-scary great Loar replica in every way with a Virzi, discussed a few years ago here on the forum in great detail! Gary got this one very accurate and correct in just about everyway!

    1986 William H. Smith Sr. F-5 "Gramps best work!" A very fine made F-5 with a black top and a aluminum saddle all made by Grandpa Big Bill!

    1924 Gibson Tenor Lute-original and rare! There may be only about 35 of these and a good handful have been converted to Mandolas as these do have a Mandola body-there are a few A style "H-1" dolas from the 1930's and they have the exact TLute bodies!

    1924 Gibson Tenor Lute to Mandola conversion by Gary Vessel, very dark sounding, black top, gold pearl block inlays "saved from almost certain death as she was very rough when I found her! Cracks, loads of little brad nails pounded in the sides and back into neck block area! Gary did her some justice and breathed some new life in this one and what a fine Mandola. I found a 1923 Gibson A-3 white top cream pick guard for this one and helps set off the black top Gary put on this baby-he Varnished finished this one as well.

    1958 Gibson F-5 with Randy Wood treatment, new neck to my specs, and a full internal re-grad and new tone bars to the correct Loar 5 specs! A HOSS! I picked up at a deal because it had a very poor re-neck so I figured this would be a great candidate for Randy to give it his treatment and after a bit over a two year wait it sure was worth that wait!

    1935 Gibson F-12-original and rare, maybe 1 of 4 left original, Hardly played, same tuners as the period F-5, has the typical treble dryness crack for years of sitting!
    1939 Gibson F-7-original and to me the 39's stand out as I've had F-7's from all years/I believe I've had 7's from every year except the few 33's I've only seen and the 39's for some reason are all spectacular and stand out!

    1939 Gibson F-7 conversion, a freak and my Loar Buster, no re-grad just a Randy Wood 5 scale neck! Dawg played and loved this one and said he'd gig with this in a heartbeat, best conversion I've ever had or played. I bought in 2002 "Maybe" and I really could've stopped there on my sound quest as its that spectacular!

    1937 Cromwell F-style "Gumby" 1 of 7 made I believe, tone is awesome, volume OK but a bit overbuilt with heavy back brace and top is X-braced "I think anyway?" Just a neat Gibson budget brand mandolin, rare and has a great tone and vibe!

    1935 Gibson A-50 with elevated board that needs some work but has the bigger body like my keeper above? I've had many of these and don't know why a few of these have a slightly bigger body? David Harvey mentioned that maybe a few of these had the work outsourced to Stromberg or the like? That was news to me and wasn't aware Gibson did this? This one needs a neck set and re-fret and new bridge as well but if its like my keeper this should be a killer mandolin!

    As for guitars I still have my first Vintage guitar I bought in 1997 a 1957 Martin D-18 with an Adirondack top! Great Martin D-18!
    2001 Martin Clarence White signature edition D-18 with Adirondack Top and quilted Mahogany back and sides
    2001 Fender Clarence White signature edition B-bender Custom Sop Telecaster
    1995 HD-28 "Kit" I bought from Martin when they sold kits, I built with help from my Dad, grandpa Big Bill, and My Uncle Dick Smith-great sounding guitar
    2010 ish Fender Jap, Pink Paisley Telecater
    1970ish Martin D-35 that was my Gramps that was in a car wreck so he put a 28 style back on it-it needs totally redone but since its a family guitar its a keeper that I'll re-do someday?

    I have many more mandolins and guitars but they are on the chopping block to sell/swap to others that may enjoy them! So here is my drool worthy list of goods above for you'll to have a look see at, ENJOY!

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    Default Re: Your MAS Progression

    I have owned mandolins off and on with gaps in between, but here it goes:

    Rover A Style (early in college)
    Kentucky A-250 (college)

    10 year break in between

    Washburn A (The one that got me started again)gave to a friend
    2002 Gibson F-9 (The one I should have never sold)
    2010 Gibson F-5G (The one I should have never bought)sold
    Mid-Missouri Flat-top OO (still have)
    1996 Flatiron Picker Prototype (really cool Mahogany mando concept) sold
    2018 Ratliff R5 Country Boy (Best Mandolin Yet, Audey made a keeper) still have
    2002 Gibson A9 (I will let you know when I get it in)
    2018 Ratliff R5 "Country Boy"
    Mid-MO Model OO
    2002 Gibson F9 with radius fretboard.

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    I reckon I've had about 500 in the last 50 years including 230 made in China for me. I've had 27 Gibsons (including 7 F4s). Sold them all. I'm now looking for a Gibson F4. Self confessed MAS condition.

    Having said that when I get it, that's the end of MAS. 100% certain.

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    Default Re: Your MAS Progression

    Just for fun.

    Aria 2 point (plywood top eventually collapsed)
    Schofield F (a gift that needed work, gave it away)
    1920 Gibson A ($250 at an auction, sold)
    1993 Stiver A (sold)
    Gibson EM 150 (a freebie, total beater campfire mando, my grand daughter can't hurt it)
    Kimble A (F hole, crushed by a car)
    KimbleBB25 (#2, on consignment)
    2002 Heiden F (#45; very likely the end of the list)

    Merry Christmas to all,


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    Default Re: Your MAS Progression

    This is my long list of mandolins

    Scaggs F5 1992 (Yes I made this one)
    Cliff Sargent F5 1994 (Cliffy was my good bud)
    Gibson Fern 2000
    Ellis Tradition F5 2018 (I'm done)
    "Everything affects Everything"

    Ellis F5 Tradition #450
    J Bovier Custom Shop F5T+

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    Default Re: Your MAS Progression

    Just two. 1923 Gibson A bought in 1983 and Weber Fern bought new in 2004.

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    Default Re: Your MAS Progression

    Off we go...

    1909 Gibson 3-point F4 Mandolin (torch & wire)
    1914 Gibson K1 Mandocello
    1915 Gibson H2 Mandola
    1919 Gibson F4 Mandolin
    1924 Gibson A2Z Mandolin
    1927 Gibson H4 Mandola
    1980 Gibson F5-L Mandolin

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    Default Re: Your MAS Progression

    Surprisingly short list -

    '80s Kentucky A style - loaned to a kid interested in mandolin and didn't get it back
    Borrowed my Dad's Givens/Taylor kit made mandolin for years
    Then I acquired Blondie:
    MAS struck and traded Blondie for a 2010 Gilchrist Model 5 - - still have it
    While still loving the Gil a Monteleone Style B came available and I snatched it up - since traded
    Acquired a really good Kentucky KM900 - since traded
    Acquired Gilchrist Model 3 - - still have it

    I don't know that I'll keep both Gil's long term, they both qualify as end of the rainbow instruments, but they are quite different in voice. I do expect I'll add an electric at some point and either an octave or mandocello.

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    Default Re: Your MAS Progression

    I have never thought of using the words "mandolin" and "sell" in the same sentence. Unusual concept, but just doesn't work for me.

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    Default Re: Your MAS Progression

    1. Godin
    2. Alrite (needs work)
    3. Eastman MD514
    4. Elkhorn F5
    5. Eastman MDA315 - Mandola, got for Christmas as a temp.

    My wish list is much longer
    10 String doing research :-)
    Tyler White F5, waiting
    Tyler White Mandola, longer wait
    Brian Dean Grand Concert, even longer :-)
    Yam Kerman (I'm dreaming) :-)
    Paul Lestock - Arrow Electric 5 String

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