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Thread: Weber Dropping 2-Points?

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    Question Weber Dropping 2-Points?

    I've been enjoying Michael Eck's last few blogs for Weber recently. However, reading through his most recent post, something was curiously absent: the 2 and 3 point body shapes. It appears that 2-point and 3-point mandolins have been removed from their main body specifications page as well. Does this look like another change in direction at Weber?

    As of right now, 2 and 3 point body styles are listed on the customizations brochure. However, with the recent changes on the website, I wonder if the brochure is accurate.

    It honestly makes me a little nervous. I've had a 2-point Octave on order with them since July...

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    Default Re: Weber Dropping 2-Points?

    Bruce Weber will be offering a two point. Not sure about a three point, but on the other hand he is building custom instruments. Next time at the shop I will ask about the three point mandolins.

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    Weber definitely offers 2 and 3 point body shapes as a custom option.
    Weber Mandolin Builder

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