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Thread: Article: Schertler GIULIA Amp Giveaway

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    Default Re: Article: Schertler GIULIA Amp Giveaway

    I have finally been able to give it a try and I am happy to report that it sounds great! I had to purchase a mic or pickup to try it out and after some deliberation, I purchased a Schertler Basik.

    This is a contact microphone-type pickup that is held in place by a small dab of putty and so it is easily moved instrument-to-instrument. It came today and I tried it on my Phoenix Neoclassical, my Crystal Forest A/N Flat top, and my Weber very long-scale mandola (CGDA). I didn't know what to expect because this is Schertler's base model pickup and is quite reasonably priced.

    Wow, was I pleased with what I heard. Each of the three instruments sound like themselves, but louder. The 'warm' setting does warm them up, and the reverb really sounds natural, even as you turn it up a ways. I had no problem at all with feedback, and no problem with accidental mic noises. The mic is small enough that it is very to avoid bumping it.

    The combination of this handy, portable amp and this simple contact mic seems to be just right for the use I will put it to. I was hoping it would sound acoustic rather than electric and it really does. It sounds wonderful.

    Again, thanks Schertler and Mandolin Cafe for this great prize.
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