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Thread: The only red burst Loar-signed F?

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    Default Re: The only red burst Loar-signed F?

    That is the mandolin I saw. Henry called it a Gilchrist I believe Henry passed around 95 or 96 This was only a few years earlier
    Darryl G. Wolfe, The F5 Journal

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    Default Re: The only red burst Loar-signed F?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Mando View Post
    Were you otherwise happy with the instrument? 7 years does seem a little much.....
    I also waited about that long for my first Nugget F5. He had quite a backlog of orders, and by the time mine was done, used ones were selling for more than four times the price I paid for it. From what I understand now He doesn’t take orders, he builds them and offers them for sale. By the way mine was well worth the wait.

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