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Thread: Massimo Tortella, aka Porcapizza - 3 string instrument (nmc)

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    Default Massimo Tortella, aka Porcapizza - 3 string instrument (nmc)

    Massimo Tortella (aka Porcapizza) is an Italian musician who makes his own instruments out of unusual items. The videos have him playing Hendrix's Foxy Lady and Muddy Waters' Hoochie Koochie Man on some of these instruments. He uses a looper, with a typewriter and kitchen knives for his rhythm section, a combination hardhat + tennis racquet for his stringed instrument, and a telephone handset for a microphone.

    In a third video, he shows how to make a two-stringed version of the whatzit. This whatzit obviously is most akin to a cigar box guitar than anything else I can imagine. I found the guy and his music, not to mention instrumentation, very interesting.

    HoochieCoochie Man begins about 0:45 I think:

    More about this guy:
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