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    I can't really find anything using the search, so I am looking for a recommendations for a tablet stand. I have a Samsung Galaxy and my daughter has an ipad, so some thing that will fit both would be nice. I would like one for siting down playing at home or in a jam. So sturdy enough to not tip over but small and light enough to be portable.

    No one local carries anything but an attachment for a mic stand, so I can't really check them out. I ordered one and do not like it so any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Tablet Stand - Recommendations

    I use the K&M desktop model.

    However, free standing and mic stand accessory variants of this same holder are available. Very solid. Well made.
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    Default Re: Tablet Stand - Recommendations


    I guess I'm old fashioned, I put my large iPad (12+") on a music stand in front of me.

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    I've used this one for a couple years. Feels a bit cheap, but it's been very solid and very flexible for attaching to a mic stand. The price is definitely right.
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    Default Re: Tablet Stand - Recommendations

    I use this.
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    Default Re: Tablet Stand - Recommendations

    We don't use it all the time but our band uses the same as Grizzly Adams. We're happy with it.

    (Also I always enjoyed your TV show, Grizzly. )
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    Default Re: Tablet Stand - Recommendations

    I have this Hercules iPad Air 2 holder. Comes with a mic stand holder and a desk stand.

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    Default Re: Tablet Stand - Recommendations

    RAM Mount should have everything you need. I like to use the X Grip version since it is not specific to a particular brand as long as the device is within the size for the holder. They have all kinds of different ways to mount to things like handlebars (i.e. a mic stand).

    My favorite place to buy their stuff is a website called GPS City. When I've compared prices with Amazon in the past they were as good or sometimes better, and their customer service was great when needed. NFI of course.
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    Default Re: Tablet Stand - Recommendations

    Not all mic stands are the same diameter. So check if the 'clamp' will fit your stand.

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