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Thread: Changes at Wintergrass?

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    Default Changes at Wintergrass?

    Here is part of the email I got from the Hyatt confirming my reservation for Wintergrass 2019:

    "In order to ensure everyone's rest & relaxation. The Hotel has quiet hours from 10:00pm to 7 AM & the hotel does not permit parties or gatherings in any of our guest rooms or suites."

    WTF? This really changes Wintergrass as we have come to know it. No late night to early morning jams? No suites for WAMA or other BG organizations?

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    Default Re: Changes at Wintergrass?

    Hmmm, I got my email confirmation from the hotel for the 2019 room but not one like you got...yet anyway. Does seem odd but I could understand if you happen to book that weekend for a nice quiet’s not happenin’...

    Ok, went back and looked and it is there on the confirm, I looked at the one from last year for the 2018 festival and it had the same probably just standard language...
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    Default Re: Changes at Wintergrass?

    Lucky Dawg!

    The hotel was booked by the time we got through ~ it sold out FAST this year. We got reservations at the Hilton across the street ... hmmm

    I saw a few of those quiet time signs around this year with little effect. Jamming is such a huge part of Wintergrass and I hopefully don't see it going away any time soon. I can see them isolating certain floors that can used for guests that actually want to sleep at night and have those hours in place. Hopefully it's just a disclaimer posted to cover themselves.

    It might not be a bad idea to contact Wintergrass and get a response from them. I'm sure they are working closely with the Hyatt and would know.

    Thanks and I'll be following this.
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