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Thread: Kentucky KM380s value

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    Default Kentucky KM380s value

    I'm looking at picking up locally at KM380s. It seems to have some cracks by the F hole but told its been stable for a while. It has a case, come set up for $200. This seem fair or still too high?

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    What sort of warranty does it have? Or is it a private sale?

    Personally I'd be very wary of buying something with a crack in it from a stranger

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    I just took a look at the pics of this. That is an older version of the KM380s. The two cracks at the front of the F-hole are not terrible, but they should still be addressed. Take a look at the nut. A strings are shifted toward the D. Not a big deal, but I would add that to the "fix" list. I would want to check the neck and frets before making any kind of offer.

    Since it already has two verified issues (cracks and nut), what it is worth mostly depends on who it is being sold to. Going to someone that will do the work themselves, the mandolin still holds a good chunk of value. If you would be paying for the work, it isn't worth much at all "to you".
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