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    Anyone seen and/or played by this Virginia maker? Any opinions about sound or general workmanship would be appreciated.

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    You might try a search of the archives using "Dubova" as a keyword:
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    The Cafe search function doesn't hold as a link, here is every mention of the name on the Cafe.
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    I drove from East Tennessee to Nashville to look at Dubova #40 at Carter Vintage, where the mandolin was on sale. The workmanship was decent, the maker showing some promise. I liked the general shaping of the instrument, particularly the shaping of the top and back, and the recurves. But it was obvious that the top was too thick, and the bracing positively massive. It was obvious that somebody knew absolutely nothing about bridge fitting, as the bridge had a flat top for a radiused fretboard. The bottom of the bridge was not fit to the bridge curves at all. Perhaps the bridge was not original to the mandolin at all. I don't know.

    The sound of the mandolin turned out to be small, stiff, and choked.

    I was hoping for better.

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