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Thread: Laughlin Mandolins? Anyone play them?

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    Default Laughlin Mandolins? Anyone play them?

    These are beautiful looking flattop mandolins. They have a significant induced arch, and he has even made them with F holes. Has anyone played his instruments? I love the looks of this one.

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    Default Re: Laughlin Mandolins? Anyone play them?

    Another Bruce who is a MC member plays one. In fact he is one of the featured mandolin players on Laughlin's mp3 page.

    You can look him up by his screen name which is the same as his full name: Bruce Clausen.

    He plays this beautiful rendition of Rivalité.

    An old thread from 2010 about this maker.

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    Default Re: Laughlin Mandolins? Anyone play them?

    Er, thanks Jim.

    Yeah, Bruce, I haven't seen Bob in ages, but I still play mostly on the mandolin he built me about 15 years ago. I've used it for choro, acoustic jazz, and classical situations, and always been quite pleased with it. Only his third mandolin, but a really fine instrument, and the others I've seen have also been impressive-- as are his guitars. Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Laughlin Mandolins? Anyone play them?

    Is Bob any relation to Tim who makes the Martin reproduction ukuleles?
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