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Thread: Which Sam Bush DVD?

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    Default Which Sam Bush DVD?

    Hi folks,

    my wife is thinking of getting a Sam Bush DVD from Homespun.

    She's been playing for a couple of years now, mainly learning stuff from me. She's got the main chord shapes down, can play several fiddle tunes and has learned various lead breaks. Improvisation of lead breaks is a challenge, but we're working on it! No problems with playing in time.

    Anyway, she's expressed an interest in getting a Sam Bush DVD/download.

    So - what's best? The Bluegrass Mandolin one? The Sam Bush Mandolin Method? Or the twin-set of rhythm and lead guides? Don't want to get something that's too advanced.

    It's mainly for bluegrass and country.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.



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    Default Re: Which Sam Bush DVD?

    I like all of them. One thing that can help you decide is to look at the web pages for each and see which tunes are discussed.
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    Default Re: Which Sam Bush DVD?

    I've just bought all 3 as there was the 2 download deal and the other one on sale. They are great entertainment just to watch but I also found I know have many hours of practice material here.

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    Default Re: Which Sam Bush DVD?

    Thanks guys.

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