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    Picked up an oval hole that sounded great and had quite the bass side. The strings were nearing end of life and I don't know what was on it. Changed it out with some J74's and now that sounds is gone. What is a good, woody, bassy sounding string set?

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    How long have the new strings been on it? Strings can mellow out after awhile.

    You can try some silk and steel strings.I believe D'Addario has a chart listing degrees of brightness on their packaging.
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    What kind of oval hole? what brand? carved top or flattop? Do you still have the original strings?

    Hard to give advice—everyone has their own opinion, plus a wide variety of mandolins.

    I personally like D'Addario NB strings on both mandolin and guitar and have been switching to those.

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    I am a big fan of the Mapes strings.

    Here is their website;

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    Eastman oval. Old strings are gone.

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    I really like the Curt Mangan medium Bluegrass set paired with oval hole mandolins.
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    I like the SIT strings PB (light gauge) on my Flat top oval.

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    I think all are good suggestions myself I lean toward a "white" string on an oval hole ( mono steel, nickel, stainless steel) but every instrument has it's favorite string. As pickers we have to find it.

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    J74s brand new are indeed a little brassy. But in a week or so, depending on how much you play, they get into a sweet spot balancing the highs and the lows. For me it is well worth the wait.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jill McAuley View Post
    I really like the Curt Mangan medium Bluegrass set paired with oval hole mandolins.
    These strings are those installed on new mandolins built by Max Girouard.
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