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Thread: Mandolin on the Oscars

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtm View Post
    It reaffirmed how out of the 'movie' loop I am, as I constantly said "who is that???"
    That's how I am about almost all pop culture. I see all of these 'celebrity' magazines in the checkout line at the grocery store, and I say to myself; "I am supposed to know who these people are?" Every so often I find that I am familiar with the names of a few of these 'celebrities', but 99% of the time I wouldn't recognize them if they were standing next to me.

    As my kids would say; 'It's because you're old' . . . .
    I recently finished a new homemade 4-song EP of original solo acoustic songs; (sorry, no mandolin content this time). If you are interested in a FREE copy, feel free to send me your address via Private Message, and I will be glad to send you one. Trust me, it will be worth the price!

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    Default Re: Mandolin on the Oscars

    I have a subscription to Rolling Stone that was a 'bonus' for buying concert tickets. I've kept the subscription going, primarily to have some idea of what is happening in the greater "pop" music world (I have no children to serve that purpose). I have discovered one or two artists I like from RS, but not many.

    I also got 4 free issues of "Premier Guitar" for buying concert tickets, and that is one nice, polished publication. There was a short interview with an up and coming 20 yr old gal who sizzles on electric guitar, Hannah Wicklund; she's just bad ass. She actually played a club here recently but I couldn't go due to the Stringdusters playing the same night. But, if you like bad ass electric guitar, check this gal out .... (I might even whoop and holler once or twice when I see her)

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