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Thread: External mount pickups

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    Default External mount pickups

    I'm looking into externally mounted pickups and wondered what your thoughts are on them? I'm looking for something I can switch between mando/mandocello/guitar. I'd probably be using a mic in addition I imagine but I'm still curious as to whether or not they sound any good. I used oe years ago for classical guitar performances and I recall it working well. I'm also going to be getting a new acoustic amp soon and I'm leaning toward a fender acoustic 100 but i'm not sure yet. I'm pretty clueless with the electric side of things.

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    You can get pretty good tone from the better stick on pickups. The jack will be a bit of an issue, since there will be no universal way to clamp it on. Assuming you have that figured out, shouldn't be a problem.

    I have no experience with the Fender, but see that it isn't bad on the input side of things.
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    That is one of the main things to watch out for on an acoustic amp is the input impedance. Ideal is 10M (megohms), but do your best not to get something that is less than 1MΩ.
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    Default Re: External mount pickups

    Check out Acoustic Image amp's. I love mine and it sounds totally Hi-Fi.

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    I have been happy with the natural tone of this one:
    It goes on easily and is then stored. It is low noise and gives a nice woody, natural acoustic sound through an acoustic amp. No modification to the instrument needed.
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    Default Re: External mount pickups

    Have had a Schertler Dyn M * a stick on pickup, for quite a while.. it offers a good reproduction, and
    being a dynamic contact micfrophone plugs right into any mixer or acoustic amp's mic channel.

    signal is hot enough to even use a guitar amp, a impedance matching transformer,
    used to put a Shure 57/58 mic into a guitar amp input works too..

    *now there is a passive like mine,(But looks smaller) Dyn Uni, and an active model P48..
    uses/needs phantom power from the amp.

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