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Thread: Size (and Weight) Matters

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    Default Size (and Weight) Matters

    Long story short -

    I have surgery coming up mid-month, and was going to spend my recuperation time writing songs for a new project . . . then I realized that for a couple of weeks I can't lift anything over 5 pounds - and almost all of my guitars are over 5 pounds and/or they would sit on my lap in a bad spot that would cause extra discomfort after surgery . . . so, it will be two weeks of nothing but mandolin to occupy my time.

    Something good comes out of something bad!
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    Default Re: Size (and Weight) Matters

    Mike, best wishes for a successful surgery and a full and speedy recovery.
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    Default Re: Size (and Weight) Matters

    I feel for you as I just had two vertibrae fused in my neck. I was limited to 8 lbs so at least I could play the mandolin, but I couldn't do anything else for the first 12 week.
    Get well soon.

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    Default Re: Size (and Weight) Matters

    Hoping the best for you, Mike!

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    Default Re: Size (and Weight) Matters

    Been there, done that. Had bypass surgery, and it was a couple of weeks before I cared, but boredom won over and I picked up the mandolin, at first for five minutes or so. It kept me sane for the next few months.
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