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Thread: NW String Summit vs Darrington

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    Default NW String Summit vs Darrington

    I've heard these are both great, never been to either one. They overlap this year, so I can't do both. I am a little more into the new grass stuff like Fruition than the straight up trad BG, though I enjoy both. Folks who have been to each, what is the scene like? Camping and jamming at each event? Crowds, vibe, etc.? Thanks!

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    Default Re: NW String Summit vs Darrington

    I have attended The String Summit for the last 5 years and will continue to attend as long as they keep doing it. Super fun and laid back with a very family friendly atmosphere. Tons of jamming going on throughout the campgrounds. They cap attendance at right around 5,000 including the bands, crews, and all involved personnel. Camping is scattered throughout the entire property. They just kinda direct you to whatever parking area they are using at the time and you find a spot in the woods close by. Most of the spacious and flat spots are generally occupied early Thursday so it pays to get there early. I haven't been to Darrington but can assure you Strummit is a blast!
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    Default Re: NW String Summit vs Darrington

    Northwest String Summit is awesome! We've been the last 7 years but unfortunately aren't going to make it this year. Horning's Hideout is one of my favourite venues and the music is always great. Very relaxed and laid back vibe with plenty of hipsters. Bring good shoes as you'll be walking a lot of hills over the weekend. Roaming the forests at night is always fun. A really beautiful location for a festival and time seems to shift a bit. We've always stayed up in the family camp area and is fairly quiet after dark ~ which is great for sleeping. The Back 40 can go all night! It's fun watching bands play up on the Furthur Bus. You can definitely find jams if you look for them. I think you'd have a great time there!

    I haven't been to Darrington but it sounds more traditional than NWSS. We might try and get there next year as we have friends that go and rave about it.

    We've been talking about what festivals to do this week for the coming summer, and decided on Sooke BG Festival on Vancouver Island, and Nimble Fingers in Sorrento, BC. It will be the first time for both of those for us and are looking forward to checking them out.

    Just found out that the Hyatt is already full for Wintergrass next year. Gotta figure that one out.
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