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Thread: Feedback on new mando/guitar/music theory lesson site? :)

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    Default Feedback on new mando/guitar/music theory lesson site? :)


    So, this is my first post to the forum as up to now I've lurked in the shadows, picking up a lot of helpful tips from some of you guys (and girls) and not really giving much back (sorry).

    I've just started a music theory/mandolin/guitar teaching website and really want to try and make it as useful as I can for as many people as possible. It's just me and I've only been at it for a couple of months, but I'm trying to cover theory up to grade 5, as well as instrument-specific courses for beginners, before moving on to more advanced topics.

    I only started playing mandolin relatively recently (after playing guitar for 15 years, and a few other things). I can honestly say that the mandolin has been a musical revelation to me, opening the door to a lot of music that I would have never played otherwise - e.g. Bach's violin partitas etc. It's a very addictive instrument.

    Anyway, I'd really appreciate hearing from beginners with regards to what they would find useful, or anyone else who just wants to say hi/give me some tips.

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    Default Re: Feedback on new mando/guitar/music theory lesson site? :)

    Hi Alex! There are figuratively mega tons of informational and instructional sites available now for the study of music, so the only advice I can give you is to be creative and find your niche if you wish for your site to be very popular - and that will probably take some serious effort, time and exposure to become popular.

    If you are not concerned about popularity, but are just driven by the cosmos to do this, then don't worry about what we think, just do it.

    Best of luck with your endeavors
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