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Thread: Hand Pain During FFcP

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    I've been doing the FFcP exercises regularly for a while now. I work on them 3-4 times a week and have been doing this consistently for several months. Before this, I worked on them but less consistently.

    Doing them causes a lot of pain in my fret hand, particularly on a line between the base of my pinky and thumb. I thought after a while it would get better, but it hasn't at all. I can usually only work on them for a few minutes before I have to move on to something else. This never happens with anything else I practice, even if I'm playing for hours at a time.

    Has anybody else had this experience? If so, did you ever figure out what was causing it? I try to relax my hand as I play but it still hurts after a couple minutes. I really like the exercises and find them helpful. I'd like to be able to spend a good 10-15 minutes on these each time I practice if I can.


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    You're using muscles you have never used. Hurt my hand too but the more I do it, the better it gets. I also do finger stretching exercises using one hand to spread each pair of fingers gently. Kinda like Spock from star trek.

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    Default Re: Hand Pain During FFcP

    Check your hand positions, perhaps you are neglecting something. Often times when I get uncomfortable I check where the heck my thumb is. Going up the neck I might neglect to keep my thumb across from the first finger. It gets stuck or lazy or distracted as I move up and soon enough my hand is awkward.
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    Default Re: Hand Pain During FFcP

    A lot of pain is kind of alarming. I've never had hand pain like that, but wrist/forearm tendonitis multiple times from bass guitar, viola, other string instruments. I assume you're working out of Eschlimann's Getting into Jazz, which is a great book.

    We can't tell if you're warming up, have good ergonomics or whatever but there are things you can do to reduce string tension and reduce the stretches. For the former, lighter gauge strings, tune down a half or even full step, lower the action. For reducing stretches, you can transpose up the neck or use alternate chord voicings/inversions.
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    Default Re: Hand Pain During FFcP

    Check your hand grip - we all tend to use too much force - lighten up. Also, when it starts to hurt, stop, shake it out and rest it. No Pain = No Pain.
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