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Thread: I Just Found Out About This Amazon Discount

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    When I was searching Amazon for a case, I found a Superior Deluxe F style fiberglass case. There was a notation that if I called an Amazon Harmony associate with the phone number provided, I could get up to a 15% discount on that item. I figured it was worth a try, because that was one of the cases I was interested in. So I clicked on the "call me" link and entered my phone number. I got an immediate phone call and spoke with an associate who said to be sure I was logged in (so he could find my account) and had the items I was interested in put into my cart. He did ask for some verification to be sure it was the authorized account holder. He then sent me via email a special one-time code that I could use to get 15% off my purchase. Pretty good deal. I did end up buying the Superior fiberglass F-style case in white, and I should have it delivered tomorrow.

    The Guardian hardshell case and the Crossrock cases also have this discount. I didn't see it for any cases under $100, nor did I find any discount for mandolins themselves. So if you're considering a purchase of something music-related, if it's offered it does work to get the discount. The discount may be less for some things, but I got the full 15% stated.

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    I think this is only related to musical merchandise and only to higher priced things that Amazon sells under Amazon Prime. I did not see the Guardian case with that discount alert. Can you post some links? I did a search for Amazon Harmony and a lot of things came up.

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    I received the case today. Everything looks good. To my surprise, even though the description says no hygrometer, and Saga's description says none is there, the case does have a hygrometer installed in it (appears to be the same one as in my Travelite case). I got the white case and it looks pretty cool. Here is the link:

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