I'd like to start an informal jam session in the Ellijay/Blue Ridge, GA area (actually, Cherry Log, if you know where that is).

My thought would be to play a variety of tunes - bluegrass, old time, blues, even some jazz - with the idea of improvising and having fun. Primarily acoustic, and having a variety of instruments would be optimal.

I'd prefer at least intermediate level players who have a fairly broad repertoire of familiar tunes in these genres, and who can play melody lines and improvise, at least a little. Not to be elitist, but that gives you an idea of the level of playing I'd like to have.

If you think you might be interested, email me at doctormullins@gmail.com. I don't regularly check the Mandolin Cafe forum, so if you respond here, I might not see it right away.

Jim Mullins