Group tonight was playing some country song I not heard of before. Seemed, to me anyhow, that it had one solid beat & two short beats.

The group was playing in D and G, but my G strings had changed and my D was very off - so I was using E on the single beat, and of course G on the double off-beat. Sounded good to me so kept going, but every so often I'd erm, diddle, and strum out on the G.
Maybe it was Maxican Joe... ?

Had figured the band teacher was going to say something, but he went with it. Later after the group packed up to head home the group leader gave me a compliment on that style of play, said I've improved. Ken does not give out compliment lightly.

Now I find this Weber Y2K6 impressive for an oval holed mandolin. It had plenty of sound, sometimes too much. Since removing the pick guard and fixing the bare spot the loudness has improved from when I first acquired her. She's getting quite a voice for a used mandolin.

Has anyone else done this before with good results?