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Thread: Sam Bush on Woodsongs

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    Default Sam Bush on Woodsongs

    I have been watching the Woodsongs show on RFD-TV from Direct TV on Friday afternoons. Last Friday they had Roger McGuinn on for the entire hour and it was great. This Friday it will be Sam Bush, should be another great show. Do any of you see this show?

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    Default Re: Sam Bush on Woodsongs

    I have checked the archives for years, but have never seen it actually in a broadcast form. The archives go back almost 20 years (check out show #287 from 2003, Chris Thile and Mike Marshall)

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    Default Re: Sam Bush on Woodsongs

    Thanks for the heads up, George...will record this Friday’s show

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    Default Re: Sam Bush on Woodsongs

    My local PBS broadcasts an eclectic variety of folk music programs OTA, usually on Wednesdays.

    Unfortunately no Woodsongs this time for me however, because they rotate through any number different shows into the same time slots on some many-month schedule I can't figure out. Right now it's Sun Studio Sessions, Ray Stevens CabaRay, Music City Roots, and Live From the Charleston Music Hall, but in addition to Woodsongs I've also seen Bluegrass Underground, Song of the Mountains, Bluegrass Express, and Live From Hippie Jacks in the same slots.

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    In the UK - we get absolutely nothing whatever ever !. Even our Internationally known Cambridge Folk Festival ,established in 1965 has never been televised.
    This is the 2018 line-up :- Will any of us see / hear it without attending - don't hold your breath. As far as appreciating different music genres,the UK is a cultural desert. Outside of Classical music,unless it's POP music - for Folk / Bluegrasss / Celtic aficonados,there's nothing on UK TV. The last such prog.we had,was the ''Transatlantic Sessions'' giong back about 3 years. Since then - Zilch !!!.

    Whether you like the US offerings or not,you should be writing in to thank the TV /Radio stations for at least trying !,
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    Default Re: Sam Bush on Woodsongs

    Mark Radcliffe used to do The Cambridge Folk Festival or at least bring highlights on BBC 2.

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    Thanks for the heads up on the Sam Bush show! Very enjoyable. Sam's so great every time. His sets at Telluride are always stellar.

    I usually catch the Saturday shows on RFD, except when Thile is streaming video on Live From Here, but I hadn't caught the Woodsongs show on Friday.
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