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Thread: Four Waltzes-Four Movies

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    Default Four Waltzes-Four Movies

    Four songs in3/4 or 6/8 time, nominated for an Academy Award in the category Best Original Song, but none of them was a winner.
    I included pictures from the movies, the directors, the singers and the music composers as well as the year the movie appeared. All songs are played on my concert uke and my bowlback mandolin, the third one has the melody played on my electric tenor guitar.
    Do you know any of the movies? (I didn't know neither the movies nor the songs before I started working on this video)

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    Default Re: Four Waltzes-Four Movies

    You're probably too young to have seen these. I probably have seen them all. The first one may be "Tammy." Debbie Reynolds was the first Tammy, then Sandra Dee. I was a big fan of these movies.

    I don't recall the name of the second one, but, of course, recognize John Wayne and Richard Widmark. The singers were the Kingston Trio, I think.

    I'd have to watch again to comment on the others. Not sure I remember the music from those two.
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    Default Re: Four Waltzes-Four Movies

    1. Tammy
    2. The Alamo
    3. The Great Race
    4. ------------ never seen it and even after googling it had not heard of it. I thought I was a film buff
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    Sherry is right with Tammy.
    Kevin has three movies named correctly.
    The fourth is from the film "Sometimes a great notion" from 1971, directed by Paul Newman.
    Charley Pride sang "All his Children".
    The song "The sweetheart Tree" was sung in the film "The great Race" by Nathalie Wood, but the real voice was Jackie Ward.
    "The green leaves of Summer" from "The Alamo" was performed by the Brothers Four.
    "Tammy" was sung by Debbie Reynolds.

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