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Thread: Recording a Mandocello

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    Hi All. Any tips (mics, placement) on recording a solo Mandocello?

    Thanks for any help.

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    I've had good results with an Audio Technica 4033 microphone a foot or more out from the neck body joint on an oval hole cello.
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    I record it like a guitar, in stereo if you have the mics. One small diaphragm condenser down low and pointed up at the lower end of the soundboard, Another small diaphragm condenser up higher and angled in to point at the area where the neck meets the body. This gives a nice stereo image and avoids picking noise, or direct sound from the soundhole if it's an oval-hole.

    If you just have one mic, I'd use the lower bout position, but experiment with moving the mic around while listening through headphones. That will still be a compromise. For a recording of a solo instrument, you'll never do it justice without stereo mics.

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    If you have the option, multiple mics should always be preferable. Soundhole and Neck are where your mics should be pointing, but you may also get some interesting sounds micing 'over the shoulder' - I've done this with guitars to good effect.

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