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Thread: mandola cases far and few

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    Default mandola cases far and few

    yes,,,,, I thought I ask mandolin ,mandola and OM players their thoughts on why their isn't any choices for cases like there used to be. I guess you'll answer "too small a market" BUT,....there was a time when you could obtain a nice hardshell case for a mandola or a Martin mandolin.,..I believe made by harptone. Even Flatiron had cases in the late eighties and early nineties for their bouzoukis {not the chipboard} . you'd think someone would fill the gap with a nice, Reasonably priced Good hardshell case for many of these instruments ie, martin, Gibson mandola ,Gibson mandocello, "etc.....SO,,,what is the long and short of this rambling??? I'm not quite sure . I guess I'll have to shell out 500 or 600 bucks for custom made. ja

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    Default Re: mandola cases far and few

    I purchased a mandola hard case not too long ago from a German company, Thomann. Reasonably priced and a fine case too. Only drawback is that it took a while to ship overseas, but a little patience is worth saving a few hundred bucks in my opinion.

    Check out this link here:

    I spent a lot of time trying to find a suitable case, and am glad I did. It fits my Hora mandola perfectly! I can included pictures if you like, but am not home at the moment.

    Good luck on your case search.

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    Default Re: mandola cases far and few

    I've purchased from Thoman several times and always been happy with their service. They're usually quite quick for delevery to the UK but clearly the US is going to take longer.

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    Default Re: mandola cases far and few

    Try Gold Tone. Their mandola comes with a hard case. I've had success in buying cases and gig bags from Gold Tone, including a plectrum banjo case that fits my long-neck resonator banjo (there aren't many long-neck resonator banjos, so finding this case -- designed, I think for one of their other instruments -- was a pleasant surprise).

    Gold Tone makes a lot of unusual instruments, and has cases for most of them. And, going through a local Gold Tone dealer, I've found them quite responsive and customer-friendly.
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    Default Re: mandola cases far and few

    Check the dimensions of your instrument. Many a large ukulele case or small guitar case might be perfect.
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    Default Re: mandola cases far and few

    Eddie Blevins in Tennessee is making an OM for me. po56okie is right. The selection of cases is quite limited. We opted to go to Cedar Creek for a custom case. I chose the options and Eddie is supplying the dimensions. Cedar Creek will ship it to Eddie. He'll fill it up and ship it to me.
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