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    I'm looking for a mandolin that is better than my Epiphone and wondered what the more knowledgeable folks here think about the Breedlove Crossover. The things that appeal to me is that it has a wider nut width and a radiused fretboard which both appeal to me as a life long guitar player giving a mandolin a try.

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    I owned a Breedlove Crossover and it was OK. I would steer you towards Kentucky KM-250 or KM-270 series instead. The Breedlove has a pressed top and back, not carved and the sound suffers for it. I find the neck and radiused fretboard on the latest Kentucky 200 level instruments to be quite comfortable.
    If you buy it from The Mandolin Store, you'll get a great setup and a hard case for $499

    There are different stains available in the same instrument, KM-252, KM-256 etc

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    Thank you. I will take a look at those two models.

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    I currently own a Breedlove Crossover. When I can pull the money together I will replace it. It is hard to describe but the e stings are kind of screechy and the entire instrument plays a bit higher up the scale even though it is in tune. For starting out, it is OK, but in four months I have outgrown it.

    On the upside, it is easy to play.

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    Thank you for your response Dukesdad, I think I will pass on the Crossover. I wish I had the budget for a pro level instrument but I have neither the budget nor the talent.

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    Budget maybe... but your talent has nothing to do with the instrument you want. Look at me... I won a Weber from The Mandolin Store when I had been only (seriously) playing for a couple-two-three years. I still entered the contest though.

    Really, all players can have any mandolin.

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    Just remember there will be a Collings giveaway starting on the 28th.

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    I'm with you there really. I have pro quality guitars. The problem is the budget and a wife who doesn't understand that there is no such thing as too many guitars or mandolins..

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    I saw that and I'll give it a whirl but I've never won anything of substance so I'm not counting on winning it.

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