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Thread: What Are Some Favorites In Your Collection?

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    Didn't know that the Portland Books will be available as a tablet friendly version. Can really use that. Last time I played a contra (on guitar) was having a tough time putting everything on the music stand.

    This list has reminded me of a few more that I had to dig out. Vasen tune books Vol 1 and 2, St. Paul Slow Sessiun Tune book (printed copy), "Mellie Dunham's Fiddlin' Dance Tunes, Paddy O'Brien's Sets, and a photocopy of Harding's All-Round Collection of Jigs, Reels and Country Dances. (1932 version)

    What I need to do is start getting some items on my tablet. Thanks to folks who have provided links.
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    If you don't have John Reischman's "Up In The Woods" book, I'd highly recommend it.
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    I have Rich DelGrosso's blues mandolin book. Can't really follow much of it, myself, but there's cool stuff in it if you want some new blues riffs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Garber View Post
    I was lucky to inherit a copy of Garry Harrison's "Dear Old Illinois" book. It is supposed to be re-printed but for some reason still is not available.
    Someone else asked me recently about this book and a friend dug deep and found that it was reprinted and is available here, sold by the Old Town School of Folk Music. The website for the book remains unrevised with no info since the orignal publishing date of 2007.

    It is and large and wonderful book of tunes and songs and worth getting if you are into that region's old time music.

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    The only book I have is Mickey Bakers complete course in jazz guitar oh and a couple of fakebooks but then I don't read, notate or tab and never had any need to living in the sticks, played by ear all my life and don't get out nowadays anyways...but you can take any song in any genre, keep it the same, change tempos/genre or whatever and take it where you want it to go with the mandolin

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