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Thread: Eastman 305 "Semi-glosss"

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    Default Eastman 305 "Semi-glosss"

    Due to terrible technique and a little bit of arthritis, I will often slide my middle, third, and fourth fingers on the surface where a pickguard would otherwise be. That has resulted in a 3 X 4 patch where the matte finish now has a smooth understated gloss, reminding one of a vintage instrument. Quite frankly, I'm thinking about trying a mild abrasive buffing powder and doing the whole top to get this effect.

    Sorry I don't have a picture. Anyone ever done this?
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    Default Re: Eastman 305 "Semi-glosss"

    I certainly have not done that - but can I put my tuppence thought in here. I imagine many or most might disagree with me, but I have a real fondness for wear and tear that has clearly come from repetition and use. It's like a palimpsest on the instrument showing how much time and effort you have devoted to it. I am noticing some wear on the top right of my instrument where my left arm rests. I like it, and feel a little sad that my new McClung armrest will cover it up.

    I find the pinky groove in Marla Fibish's old Gibson to be a beautiful sight.

    In any case, if you want to do that across the whole instrument I would suggest a Luthier, but others here may have some useful tips to DIY.
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    Default Re: Eastman 305 "Semi-glosss"

    I used Meguiars Rubbing and Polishing compounds to buff out the satin sides and back on my Collings MTO and was very pleased with the results - I was inspired to do so after reading a thread here where someone had used the same stuff to buff out their MT. Only took me about an hour to do the sides and back:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Eastman 305 "Semi-glosss"

    It can be done if the original finish can handle it. Did it on a couple of guitars years ago. The D-16H ended up looking beautiful. The Taylor 410, not so much.

    Otherwise, Meguiars is go to.

    That said, I do now prefer the look of wear and gloss happening naturally on a matte finish.
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