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Thread: Portable Recorder?

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    Default Portable Recorder?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a portable recorder, to take to jams and whatnot? I'm not looking for the highest of quality, but instead something that will be small, reliable, and inexpensive.

    In searching through older threads, I found this recommended:

    Looks nice, but, well, I'm hoping to spend a lot less than that, preferably around 50 bucks. (And yes, I would just use my smart phone's recording app, but I have limited storage on my inexpensive smart phone. Yep, I like inexpensive electronics.)

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    Default Re: Portable Recorder?

    You can export (offload) your stored cell phone audio files to your laptop.
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    Default Re: Portable Recorder?

    The Zoom is a good choice. Tascam ( Teac) also makes a good quality portable recorder. I have this one and am quite satisfied. Just remember to carry extra batteries. R/
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    Default Re: Portable Recorder?

    I have the Tascam DR-05 and I really like it. Can record in wav and mp3 format and takes micro SD card. Easily connected to computer so that you can upload your files later into a DAW for editing, etc. Do not knoW price in USA, but can be got in the uk FOR UNDER £100.
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    Default Re: Portable Recorder?

    I used the Zoom Q2n Handy Video Recorder. It does video , but can also be set for audio only it's small and easy to use
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    Default Re: Portable Recorder?


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    Default Re: Portable Recorder?

    There’s a Zoom H4n in the Classifieds.

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    Default Re: Portable Recorder?

    Zoom H1 is cheaper, that's what I use.
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    Default Re: Portable Recorder?

    I looked at the Zoom H1 and Tascam DR05 and 07mkii and settled on the Tascam 07 which has since been replaced by the DR22WL which is nice because it’s wireless. If price was the only thing I’d go for the 05, if you’re not in a hurry these all go on sale from time to time on amazon and b&h video as well as others. I got mine for around $70.

    I chose Tascam over Zoom because it was a bit more substantial and sturdy...I think in terms of performance they are just about even. The Tascam DR05 is a great little recorder, I went with the 07 thinking I might overdub but I really don’t.
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