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Thread: Flying V Electric Scrapolin

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    Default Flying V Electric Scrapolin

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ID:	164654 My just-finished Flying V (Solid Body) Electric Scrapolin. Glued-together wood scraps, neck from an old mando (painted by my daughter), tuners cobbled together from Lord knows what, humbucking pickup, volume knob and plate from my dad's old Coleman camp stove. Sounds good, if a little less nasty/loud than I expected. I'll futz with the height of the pickup to see if I can't improve it. But sounds good nonetheless. And--I built it, dammit, and I finally have a solid-body 8-string electric flying V mando!

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    Default Re: Flying V Electric Scrapolin

    I love your ingenuity and I love the name. Better trademark it!

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    Too cool I love the paint job. You deserve a nasty sounding fuzz machine stomp box for your efforts

    Len B.
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    Default Re: Flying V Electric Scrapolin

    I want one!!!!!!! Are you making them for the public? Totally awesome Preacher man.
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    Very nice, I have a flying V mandolin and an octave 5 string flying V,
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chief View Post
    I want one!!!!!!! Are you making them for the public? Totally awesome Preacher man.
    Thank you so much! For the public? Umm...well, I hadn't thought of that. Let me think on it. The neck and tuners are definitely a one-off, literally: one off my old defunct mandolin. I said, let me think on it.

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    Default Re: Flying V Electric Scrapolin

    Congratulations for making an instrument. A few suggestions...
    Try angling the pickup so the G string side is closer to the bridge
    and the E string is closer to the nut. Opposite to how you have it now.
    I think it will improve the tone. Also, the bridge [IMO] should be
    parallel to the frets. This is a standard stringed instrument thing,
    otherwise strings are binding at an angle in the slot. Could affect
    tuning, and I believe it would affect intonation.
    If that's a metal bridge, try replacing it with a wood bridge. Might
    sound better.

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