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Thread: Bouzouki description on shipping labels

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    Default Bouzouki description on shipping labels

    There's a joke element to this but its a serious question,and not sure if it has come up here before.
    Anybody ever stop to think about how you should describe the parcel contents when shipping a bouzouki because of how the word is similar to small artillery? (bazooka)
    The last thing we need to do is cause alarm to customs officials and the vast majority of them won't have heard of a bouzouki.

    Has the word caused a handler or customs scenario that anyone knows of?

    I have called it mandolin-guitar and it works but I had to deal with someone recently where it took time to explain there wasn't two instruments inside.

    Might settle on 'large mandolin'.Or simply guitar.
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    Default Re: Bouzouki description on shipping labels

    How about octave mandolin? Bouzoukis can be seen as a long scale octave mandolin, so I think simply declaring it an OM would work.

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    Default Re: Bouzouki description on shipping labels

    Try posting a Waldzither and see the Post Office employee write in large letters on the label: World Zipper.

    Just call it "musical instrument".
    "Danger! Do Not Touch!" must be one of the scariest things to read in Braille....

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    Default Re: Bouzouki description on shipping labels

    I agree. If you want to call it a wooden stringed musical instrument that would probably suffice. You can't argue with that description. If it was moving as domestic freight within the US it would have a National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) that would be similar to that anyway.
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    Default Re: Bouzouki description on shipping labels

    If you're traveling, it might be a good idea to avoid the "bouzouki" word when dealing with the TSA. Yes, "octave mandolin" seems much more user friendly.

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    Default Re: Bouzouki description on shipping labels

    You could just write "Banjo"
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    Default Re: Bouzouki description on shipping labels

    Quote Originally Posted by Bertram Henze View Post
    You could just write "Banjo"
    That would surely set off alarms throughout the customs office, and lead to inevitable confiscation and possible prosecution.
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