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    Sorry to keep coming up with questions, but the tuners on the Vega I am looking at are original, which means on or about 100 years old. How are the Vega tuners? Should I anticipate problems from them?

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    I’ve been fortunate to have owned two CBs and experienced no problems with either one. The older one had the Handel inlaid tuners and they worked perfectly. I think they used the top of the line that were available at the time, so chances are good they should be fine.

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    Durn, Cliff, are you still fretting about that mandolin? Just play it and enjoy it. Or return it if you don't like it.

    If the tuners don't work well, install a set of Stew-mac Golden Age Restoration tuners and keep the originals in the case pocket.

    Many of the old tuners work reasonably well. From time to time, we run into a set that is not so good. In the old days we used to try to recondition them, often with dubious results. Now that Stew-mac is making replacements that have the right post spacing, we can replace the originals and forget about it and enjoy the instrument without having to wrestle it into tune.

    I've never played a bad cylinder back. Just take good care of the mandolin and don't over-string it, and you'll get many years of pleasure from it.

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    Good info, thanks. Not fretting, so much as I like to be prepared, especially if there are problems shipping to Canada can be awfully slow. I probably over think things.

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    Cafe member Paul Hostetter has this page on tuner maintenance. Take a look at it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeEdgerton View Post
    Cafe member Paul Hostetter has this page on tuner maintenance. Take a look at it.

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