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Thread: Good old-time Tunes

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    Default Good old-time Tunes

    Anyone got any good tunes?

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    too many to name. I like Harvest Home Hornpipe. I'm working Flowers of Edinburg. Can't go wrong with the standards. I will bet I play Soldiers Joy about ever other time I pickup my mandolin
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    Default Re: Good old-time Tunes

    Lots of good standards on the Tabl Edit Café page under Learn/Listen. Search for Old Time.

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    Bonnepart Crossing the Rhine, Prettiest Girl in the County-O, Red Rocking Chair.
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    Charlie Walden is the king of old time fiddle tunes. Check out his site at and hit him with a little PayPal for all the effort he's made for us!
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    This thread, What's your new fiddle tune?, has been going on for over 9 years. Lots of good suggestions from many genres.

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    Don't usually play that much old time, but was very taken with Tombigbee Waltz when I heard Mike Compton playing it as part of The Helen Highwater Stringband on YouTube, so learning it just now. Lesson, tab and backing track on Mandolessons.


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    +1 for Jim's post.
    What is your definition of GOOD ?
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