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Thread: Trio in A minor by Georg Andreas Sorge 1703 - 1778

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    Default Trio in A minor by Georg Andreas Sorge 1703 - 1778

    I've posted this trio to, hopefully, get some feedback regarding a question I've been asked by JB of the Baltimore Mandolin Orchestra.

    A short while ago I posted a Fugue in C on B-A-C-H (BWV 107) by J S Bach. It was pointed out to me that it has since been attributed to Sorge, a friend/colleague of Bach, and a noted musician/musicologist of his time.

    I looked up Sorge (on Wikipedia !!!) and he has a few entries on the IMSLP site. This Trio is a typical one of those which I have transcribed for 2 mandolins and guitar (or mandocello) - my thanks to W R Shannon whose 'Sibelius' file I used as the basis for the transcription.

    Though pleasant to play and listen to, I don't feel that the music by Sorge which I have looked at demonstrates anything like the subtlety, intricacy and refinement I would expect from a piece by Bach, and so I lean towards the fugue as being by JSB rather than Sorge.

    I may, of course, be completely wrong. Please have a listen/play and tell me what you think.

    Here is the Sorge Trio

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