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    Hello gang. I'm currently playing on a 20.25" scale baritone ukulele tuned to octave mandolin GDAE tuning. I am playing melodies of old fiddle tunes and Irish / Celtic tunes.

    Do you fifths tuning players follow the standard mandolin fingering of frets 1 and 2 first finger, frets 3 and 4 second finger, frets 5 and 6 third finger, and fret 7 pinky? I forgot what book I got this from but I believe I quoted it correctly. Even though I'm on a shorter than normal (tenor guitar) scale instrument, some times the stretches can be a bit. There are times I think an easier fingering might work better, but am curious to know if players pretty much follow the rules. There are times where the pinky finger for fret 5 just feels more natural. Then again, when using the pinky for fret 5 and then fret 7 is immediately following you run out of fingers. Perhaps a position change is needed here?


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    I try to what sounds right and what feels right. I have several different scale length instruments and for both melody and or chordal playing, each one requires listening to what I'm trying to accomplish. Just keep playing and watch the players like Eddy Davis, John Lawlor etc. and keep on experimenting, there isn't really one right way to play these instruments.
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    My tenor has a 21.5 inch scale length and I use "mandolin fingering" when playing it - same as I use when playing my 19 fret tenor banjo.
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    I play CGDA & tend to use ‘cello fingering; so 1 does fret 1&2, 3 mainly does ft3/but ft4 if there’s an extension coming up, 4 tends to do ft4/ but 5 if there’s an extension, then 5 does frets 5 6or 7 depending on what’s needed.
    The main thing is fluidity and on the longer scale length, so I like to be flexible rather than too locked in. (You’ve got to have some structure, just not get too shackled to it)
    It’s easiest to reach back with the index finger rather than forward with the little finger, so I will shift positions a lot on the TG and ‘cello and wouldn’t really be comfortable sitting down in 1st for long.
    I find I get much more out of the TG when I shuffle about the fretboard lots and don’t get too tied down too much with fingerings and positions.

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    Thanks for the replies, everyone. This is basically what thought as well.

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    Well... I play in GDAD mostly... :D
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