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Thread: Looking for a mandolin around 500$

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    Hi Florent, Ive played a few of each of these my pick would be the 1 eastman,2 kentucky and then finallythe loar.

    Also note these three brands have different qualities.

    eastman tends to be a well built instrument, thin neck and refined. They can be alittle light on the bass side having said that they are quailty and I played one that was really excellent with tons of volume.

    Kentucky instruments are generally geared towards the traditional bluegrass sound.

    The loar has a more modern sound thicker neck not as refinded an instrument.

    Those Eastman mandos are a quailty instrument. Get what ever you buy set up.

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    Default Re: Looking for a mandolin around 500$

    Quote Originally Posted by Florent View Post
    I am indeed living in France so I guess it would be difficult to order something from the US.

    The Eastman 305 does look like a fine instrument indeed ! I tend to prefer F styles look but honestly I'd choose a good sound over anything.

    I didn't know about Kieran Moloney in Ireland. I might order from here then.

    Thanks a lot for your answers, this is actually really helpful. I'll keep you up to date with my choice really soon !
    I played an Eastman 304 oval yesterday that blew away the 315 in terms of sound. 465.00
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    My Valentine - my Kentucky KM-150 arrived today from Amazon UK, and thankfully wasn't nicked from the doorstep as we were out!

    Great step up from my current instrument. Very pleased with the tone, and the depth of sound. And that none of the notes are just a dull thunk!

    To my surprise, the setup out of the box is pretty good - once tuned up to pitch, the intonation and the action are pretty good. I'll be taking it to a local expert next week - but it's been very playable tonight.

    Bit of a bargain thanks to this thread - it would have been twice as much from a shop. It's not the way I'd like to buy an instrument - much rather play and listen to what I was getting - but the recommendations from the Café meant it was worth the risk - and I could alwyas send it back under the Amazon return policy.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Looking for a mandolin around 500$

    Congrats sportsnapper. They are a very nice instrument. Enjoy in good health.

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    Default Re: Looking for a mandolin around 500$

    Hope you continue to enjoy it

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