From JeffD - "...come with listening. A lot. Full immersion." I'm 54 years into it & still going strong.

I think that in all genres of music,even Classical music,there's an 'atmosphere' that the music / performer conjures up & that has to be worked on. We've all seen / heard bands that 'play the notes' but just don't come over as a band playing with any enthusiasm. On the other hand,i've seen newcomers at Bluegrass festivals watching & listening for the first time,almost jumping out of their skins with excitement. Music of ALL genres needs to be 'communicated' = you can't simply play the notes & expect it to be exciting - that comes from the performer's own excitement,& it usually shows,one way or the other.

I've mentioned on here before,my trip to the Birchmere to watch The Seldom Scene back in 1992. John Duffy mentioned that they'd been playing there for 13 years,& it showed !. They were about as lack lustre as i've ever seen - their musicianship was superb,but they didn't come over as enjoying it. If Tony Rice hadn't been the guest artist,it would have been a pretty dull show. Too long in the same place IMHO,