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    I got a new to me Loar LM 700 for Christmas and tabbed out the song Lonesome Pine as played by Shawn Lane. Trying to figure out how I can post it and see what everybody thinks. I'm by no means a mandolin player, I've been playing banjo forever but I just have taken an interest in the mandolin and the more I mess with it the more I like it and I have to give credit to my daughter, I tabbed this all out on tabledit but it was just a string of notes until she showed me how to put the Rhythm in and I let her do most of it, I did the last two measures. This took me about 2 or 3 hours to Tab out but took several hours to get all the Rhythm right, it was harder than I thought it would be lol...


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    Would that be "The Lonesome Pine Breakdown" written by Don Stover? My band plays it on every show, it`s so simple I don't see why tabs would be necessary to be honest, but it might be a different song...I have never heard Shawn`s version of it so maybe I will Google it and see what comes up...

    (edit) I did Google him and it is a different song than what I was referring to, I like it though...

    Good luck with it...


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    No, Lonesome Pine by Blue Highway, it's a great song and the opening break is what I tabbed. I haven't seen tab for it but you can listen to it online.


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    OK, here is what I have. Let me know what you think. Getting all the rhythms just right was hard so when you play this it's gonna be kinda close but I believe the tab is good to go as written. just remember there's a lot of technique involved and may be a soft note here or there. It is slow when you play the midi, that's the speed I had the song playing at when I tabbed it so just speed it up to about 130 - 135 or so to get close to original speed.

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    Can't seem to open it (even after download) ... Suggestions? Any chance of posting as a PDF, JPEG, etc.?
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    It worked for me. It's a TablEdit file. You'll need Tefview which you can find here:
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    When I get off work tonight I'll convert it to a PDF and put a copy on here. Considering how long ago Blue Highway recorded this song I'm surprised nobody's tabbed it out before now.


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    OK, here is the PDF. I thought I put the credit info on the tabledit file but its not there so I put it on the PDF, I need to give credit to my daughter Jenifer for working a few hours on this with me , I know I drove her crazy asking questions and her trying to explain counting rhythms and explaining notes etc.

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    I made a change in measure 8, plus measure 7 is hard to figure so take it as what you feel is right but I believe the notes are there might be some more pic movement in between. Here is what I have...

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