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Thread: Beginner new to Kansas City, Missouri

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    Question Beginner new to Kansas City, Missouri

    I have recently moved to the Gladstone area of Kansas City, Missouri from Houston, Texas. Iíve been playing for almost four years but donít practice nearly as much as I should. Iím a professional harpist and harp teacher in real life, but Iíve always wanted to play the mandolin.

    When I was in Houston, I was lucky enough to be friends with the very talented Evelyn Castiglioni who invited me to play with her practice group called the Plucked Pairs. Many of you may recognize Evelynís name. She is a great player of mandolin, harp, accordion and many other instruments. She is also an amazing composer and arranger. We all enjoyed working on her three part arrangements (for mandos and/or other instruments) of original tunes, traditional and classical pieces, etc. I believe she has shared some of her collections on Mandolin Cafe.

    I would love to find a group to play with in the north area of Kansas City, MO. We could start with Evelynís books and not run out of music for a long time. I would be willing to start such a group and host the meetings as long as the group wasnít too big.

    Anyone interested?

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    Why not check out the Social Groups here on the Cafe first to see if you can find an existing group in your new area. If there isn't one feel free to start one.
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