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Thread: Which Mandolin fits/compares to your Ability ??

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    Default Re: Which Mandolin fits/compares to your Ability ??

    I try not to get into judgement about which instrument one "should" own. I've owned somewhat expensive guitars over the years. In a few cases, they caused anxiety to the point that I didn't feel comfortable taking them out of the house. Well, if I can jam with it, there really isn't a reason to keep it. I know what my comfort level is and am happy with instruments that fit with it.

    And have stated this already too many times, while I love the sound of my Breedlove, for my present band, the Gibson A Jr is what gets played. The sound just fits better with that band.
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    Default Re: Which Mandolin fits/compares to your Ability ??

    I used to have a lovely Givens A3, made in 1984 as I recall. Sheraton brown, not fancy looking, but a distinctive and beautiful tone. Not super-valuable - worth less than $3K when I sold it to raise money for my Collings. I could have theoretically been happy with that mandolin forever. If my number one got stolen (brrrr, hopefully not), I might look for another Givens.
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    Default Re: Which Mandolin fits/compares to your Ability ??

    When I started playing I bought a Tanglewood and had it set up properly by the local luthier. It wasn't a bad mandolin. But after six months I found myself longing for something better but told myself I wasn't good enough yet. My wise friend put me straight. He told me to "buy the best you can afford that suits your needs". Well, it didn't take much persuasion. I bought my Eastman MD504 and haven't looked back. I still often think it is too good for my level, but it is a better instrument for me to improve myself with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bratsche View Post
    Wow! Sounds like you have an incredible instrument there!
    Absolutely. To acquire more instruments would be like that Kerryman joke about the man who's granted three wishes, chooses a bottle of beer for the first one and gets a magic one that always remains full. Asked for the other two wishes, he wants another two of those bottles...
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