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Thread: Bill Monroe and MAS

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    Default Bill Monroe and MAS

    So, did ole Bill M suffer from MAS? Anyone know how many he owned?
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    Default Re: Bill Monroe and MAS

    Not really when you consider the mandolins he actually bought and paid for. Most were given to him throughout the years. The ones I know he paid for was his '24 A model, The '34 F7,( during Monroe Bros years) Both '23 F5 Loars and the '64 F5 Gibson he picked out at a store in '64. He was given: The '45 Epiphone Widsor gift from the band members, the '78 F5L, 3 Monroe models in the 90s, 3 Ibanez models in the mid 70's, No. 3 Randy Wood Loar copy around 1969/70, That Lamb copy with his head carved on the headstock and about 3 other no names fans gave him. So yeah, maybe he sorta had a mild case of MAS but he always went back to that used one he paid $150 for in 1945.

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