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    UPS delivered a new-to-me Fishman Loudbox 100 on Friday. The Bugera is going away on a local sale as we speak. I am thrilled with the sound and versatility of this amp. It is way more robust on nearly every level than the current Fishman mini. Also, the metal grille significantly increases the gigability of the amp. I find that while I rarely go for effects when gigging acoustic the built in reverbs are more than fine; I prefer a plate. The AFX Chorus pedal in the loop gives me some crazy rotary when I want it. Each channel has its own DI and there's a summed DI, plus each channel has its own fx loop. I know that somewhere on the interwebz I've seen pics of Levon and his Stiver plugged into one of these; elsewhere with Bobby Weir I've seen him on a different model. If they were good enough for Levon, I'm sure it will work for me.

    The big factor I was looking for was being able to get decent sound above stage levels on my Rigel when just plugging straight in. This amp does that. It is a perfect "just like my mando but louder" amp for a small to medium venue. Going thru the Baggs Venue it is a powerhouse. Of course, the DI out allows for a lot more.

    I can't wait to gig this live. In the meantime, I need to get back to my basement and make some more music.
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    Default Re: N(tm)AD

    'new to me amp day' (?)

    highly rated congrats!

    For decoding title can I get review after you used it some?

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