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    Received new Breedlove Crossover FF mandolin today. Sounds great. Fit and finish is superb.

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    Happy New Mandolin Day! I'm jealous. I think I'll head over to the classifieds and dream

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    Thanks Zach.

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    It's always nice to get a new instrument
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    Just so I don't add to your disappointment at not getting more "love," I think Breedloves -- even the imported Crossovers -- are respectable, solid-top mandolins that probably represent value for their price.

    Breedlove did make a decision, long ago, to go "non-traditional" in design -- silhouette, neck profile, etc. -- and this has affected their acceptance among mandolin-heads who want a "Gibson" look and sound. From your Cafe handle, I gather you may be into playing Celtic music, and among that group of musicians, a non-traditional instrument won't get the mixed reception it might get at a bluegrass jam.

    Main thing is, does it work for you? If so, you've made a good choice.
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    The Cafe is a very welcoming site but you have to put in some effort. A couple of photos of your new mandolin would help, it gives members an idea of what your new mandolin looks like. We are all supportive of all things mandolin but if you decide to quit the forum after five posts and lack of "love"... well good luck.

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    Congrats on your new mandolin. Enjoy!

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    I have a pair of Breedloves, both USA made, and I have nothing but good things to say about both.
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    Congrats. Haven't played many Crossovers, but do love my Breedlove. Like others said, they're not traditional looking. And I'm fine with that. But, I don't really play bluegrass, either.
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    I've owned 2 USA made Breedlove mandolins and they were great! Good tone, well crafted, easy playability.
    I have mixed appreciation for the Breedlove Crossovers made in China. They aren't nearly as good as the USA made ones. They have the same easy playability of the USA models, but the sound isn't the same. They have solid woods, but are pressed tops and backs, not carved. I think the F & K series are way overpriced for pressed top mandolins. Where they are good is in the lower priced model O series. If you can find one for $400 or less, I think that is a good buy, if you like the sound. I especially like the OO oval hole. It has a fuller sound and has some nice features that you don't normally find in a $400-$500 mandolin. Solid tailpiece, larger fret-wire, radiused fingerboard.

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