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Thread: Nugget Mandolin #310

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    Default Nugget Mandolin #310

    Hello everybody!

    Last year I pulled the trigger and ordered a Nugget mandolin from Mike Kemnitzer. I played Joe K. Walsh's Nugget and loved the responsiveness and general feel of the instrument (plus having Joe make that thing sound so dang good I couldn't resist). This past weekend I got to travel to Mike's and pick up the mandolin. Let me just say that Mike is one hell of a guy to get to hang out with! He was inviting and welcomed us (had my dad tag along) as if we were one of his own. We had plenty of mandolin/luthier-nerd conversations and got into some great talks. It was inspiring to hear him talk about instruments and all his stories.

    Now for the mandolin! It was strung up recently within the past few weeks but it already is very responsive across the fingerboard and strings. Has very strong E and A string notes, crystal clear up and down the neck. You can play as hard as you want and it doesn't give in, just keeps going. The lower strings have a great tone to them as well and can give you powerful chops and sustain for days. It has a Loar tone to it, as Mike went after that tone for this mandolin. I will eventually have videos for the audio but as of right now I just want to explore it and get to know it better! The craftsmanship of this instrument is incredible, every detail was thought out and very well executed. The sunburst and the finish work on it is well done, now to put some scratches and wear on it...

    Another thanks to Mike for his ever curious mind and for always being a student of the craft, the mandolin world is in debt to you for all that you've done! I feel very fortunate and lucky to be playing one of his instruments.

    #310/ finished in November
    Red spruce top from the early 1990's
    Maple back/ cut from the 1980's
    24 Frets
    EVO fret wires
    Hand rubbed french polish finish
    Hide Glue construction
    Speed Neck

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Nugget Mandolin #310

    That neck shape looks perfect.....kind of a beefy V.

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    Default Re: Nugget Mandolin #310

    Congratulations, gorgeous.

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    Default Re: Nugget Mandolin #310

    Looks great, Jake--congratulations!
    Russ Jordan

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    Default Re: Nugget Mandolin #310

    Sexy backside!
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    Default Re: Nugget Mandolin #310

    Jump on it son!

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    Default Re: Nugget Mandolin #310

    Nice horn man! I like it all but the neck, way too big for me and don't like a V-neck at all. but it's not mine its your Baby so enjoy that thing. awesome, stunning, gorgeous well just plain KOOL

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    Default Re: Nugget Mandolin #310

    Nuggets are my favourite sounding f-hole/style mandolins. That's why I play an oval hole A style

    Enjoy it in good health!

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    Default Re: Nugget Mandolin #310

    Awesome looking mandolin, Jake! Can't wait to hear it!!

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    Default Re: Nugget Mandolin #310

    Jake, congrats. The pictures are beautiful, Your Avatar photo brings back memories for me. As the owner of Nugget #307, all this made me recall the day a couple of years ago when I got mine. I can assure you that while Mike knows how to build a great sound profile into the instrument, you are just at the beginning of what it will become.

    I am sure he gave you "the talk," but I will reiterate: use it don't baby it, take it out and gig with it, do not worry too much about hurting it - there is not much we can do that he can't fix. I would however add - Insure it! While the attachment you will grow to have is important, Mike can build another one for you if something should ever happen.

    BTW really, really like your music!

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    Default Re: Nugget Mandolin #310

    I can definitely relate to the inspiration from hearing Joe K. Walsh's. That mandolin sounds so alive. Hope your notes are jumping off the board like his!
    "Pick it solid, boys." -Claude Debussy

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    Default Re: Nugget Mandolin #310

    Jake, the owner brought Nugget 310 over for show & play yesterday. I sure enjoyed checking it out and playing it. Very nice, and already sounds great.
    Tom H. Ellis
    Ellis Mandolins
    Austin, TX

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    Default Re: Nugget Mandolin #310

    That mandolin looks seriously beautiful & it's nice to see my own 'favourite builder' adding his praise,
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    Default Re: Nugget Mandolin #310

    An old English saying, You get what you pay for and that's a beautiful Mandolin!
    I never fail at anything, I just succeed at doing things that never work....

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    Default Re: Nugget Mandolin #310

    Very nice ! Congrats, Ive never had chance to play one but the one Don Julian plays is the best I've heard, tone wise just amazing sound. If had the $ I'd be playing one.

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