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Thread: tenor banjo scales

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    Hi can anyone help me find the scale of A for my Banjo tuned GDAE,I want to play The Red Haired Boy, as you can tell I am beginer

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    Since that is the same tuning as a mandolin (except an octave lower), any mandolin resource will work, many of which are found on this website.

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    Two beginner A scales:

    low A scale
    A - fret 2 on G string
    B - fret 4 on G string
    C# - fret 6 on G string
    D - open D string
    E - fret 2 on D string
    F# - fret 4 on D string
    G# - fret 6 on D string
    A - open A string

    higher A scale
    A - open A string
    B - fret 2 on A string
    C# -fret 4 on A string
    D - fret 5 on A string
    E - open E string
    F# - fret 2 on E string
    G# -fret 4 on E string
    A - fret 5 on E string

    Have at it!
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