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Thread: Tom 'Moongazer' Morici has passed

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    Default Tom 'Moongazer' Morici has passed

    Tom 'Moongazer' Morici has passed.

    I know many here in this section of the forum have a Moongazer based e-mando or have purchased parts from Tom through the years for their instruments.

    Several years ago, Tom was kind enough to help me with my own project and do the just the portions of the project that I did not have the tooling for. The result was a great e-mando that I love.

    I did not have a lot of interactions with him, but those that I did were always positive and well handled.

    He will be a loss to the e-mando community for sure.
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    Default Re: Tom 'Moongazer' Morici has passed

    This is just terrible. I had been trying to reach him the last couple days with no response. I have worked and collaborated with Tom for a very long time. He will be missed.

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    Default Re: Tom 'Moongazer' Morici has passed

    Very sorry to hear it. He will be greatly missed.

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    Default Re: Tom 'Moongazer' Morici has passed

    I'm also very sorry to hear it. His excellent service, parts and advice greatly helped me get started in amateur instrument making.

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    Default Re: Tom 'Moongazer' Morici has passed

    Really unexpected and quite shattering news.
    Must have been eight or nine years ago, I was trying to scrape together a living doing the odd build / repair job after my regular employer folded. Not getting much work in rural Lincolnshire and having too much time on my hands, I thought I`d build a mandolin sized version of my Warwick Infinity bass.
    I saw that a lot of electric mandolins had P Bass type pickups so used one and the thing sounded terrible......but that got me thinking why??? without any formal electronics training, I started to experiment, had a few ideas, wound a few pickups, looked on the net for makers and started sending out samples.
    Generally, feedback was favourable and I may be slightly off here since it`s a while back but I seem to recall Andrew (Thistle 3585) alerted Tom and we bashed out lots of emails, I built and sent pickups, he tried them, suggested improvements and so it went on.
    He then got really tough insisting that since most US customers would only buy from a US website, I hadn`t got a hope in hell of succeeding unless he became my sole US distributor.......!!!!!!!!!
    Well, actually he wasn`t far wrong - I`d got to the stage where I feared going shopping in case my card was rejected but slowly, the orders started to creep in....then a bit more than just creep........So after this long and rambling history lesson, all I can say is thanks Tom for your encouragement and collaboration - I`ll miss ya

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    Default Re: Tom 'Moongazer' Morici has passed

    Sad news. A very nice and helpful man.
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    Default Re: Tom 'Moongazer' Morici has passed

    I just talked to Tom on Monday. So sorry to hear this news...

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