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Thread: Need help finding the music I crave...

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    Default Need help finding the music I crave...

    I'm pretty new to the mandolin and as a part of my learning I've been looking for songs that I love. I'm not even sure what the genre is but I really feel the following tracks/artists:

    Am I Born to Die? - Tim Eriksen
    Down in the Willow Garden - The Stray Birds
    I Wish My Baby Was Born - 1759
    Like A Songbird That has Fallen - Birdy
    Missouri Borderland - Mandolin Orange
    I've Endured - Ola Belle Reed
    Undone in Sorrow - Ola Belle Reed
    O Death - Shakey Graves
    In the Pines - The Kossoy Sisters
    When the Mountains Cry - The Jet-sons

    I'd love to dig up more tracks like this but I'm not sure of the genre. Is this old-time, roots, early country or something else? Are there any artists or genres I should be looking out for? I particularly am drawn to the soulful stuff.


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    Default Re: Need help finding the music I crave...

    Do you have Spotify? With a paid account, you can start radio stations based on specific tracks, and there's also a list of related artists. So if you go to Shakey Graves, you'll see Shovels & Rope, Mandolin Orange, Milk Carton Kids, etc.

    It's not a surefire thing, but just listening to a few songs by each artist can give you an idea of whether you'll find something you like. (They're also filtered by most popular songs, so you know you're getting a decent idea.)

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    Default Re: Need help finding the music I crave...

    You're on the fringe of the alt/new-wave/old time things, or stuff with no genre home. Personally, I like this stuff a lot as well. If you start messing round on youtube, as well as spotify, you can find some interesting things. For giggles and kicks, try a few of the following, some you might like, some you won't. But hey, it's music. Look for: Crooked Still; the band called Ollabelle (try the cd Riverside Battle Songs), Jayme Stone, specifically The Alan Lomax Project, Joe K. Walsh's cd Sweet Loam, Jordan Tice (Horse Country cd), Twisted Pine, Lula Wiles, hmm... way too many out there. Mike and Ruthy Band, Bright As You Can cd, Mipso, this can go on for a while...

    But as to genre, you're out of luck. This is all music that leaves the standard traditions behind, so it's down to a lot of listening and exploring. have fun!

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    Default Re: Need help finding the music I crave...

    The Cafe has a mandolin centric MP3 section, I would search that and I think you would find some great listening.
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    A bunch of stuff with four strings

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    Default Re: Need help finding the music I crave...

    Mandolin Orange has a veritable ton of Youtube videos. A lot of their chords/(a few) tabs/lyrics are on Missouri Borderlands is there.

    Andrew and Emily are both fantastic players!

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