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Thread: Fiddler's Hornpipe jam

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    Default Fishers Hornpipe jam

    Howdy y'all, I don't post very often but I frequent the forums. I'm up here in St. Louis and I'm doing my damnedest to try and get a roots scene going. It's really coming along, and If i could, I would like to share a little kitchen music we made the other night. My good buddy Dylan Foley is on fiddle, and my other good friend Matt Stapleton is on guitar. I hope y'all like it, the tune is Fishers hornpipe.
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    Default Re: Fiddler's Hornpipe jam

    Kitchen music is the best!
    Indulge responsibly!

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    Default Re: Fiddler's Hornpipe jam

    Nice! Agreed Kitchen/Porch music is the best.

    BTW....did I see a busted mando string flashing in the ambient light???

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    Thanks y'all! Kitchen and porch music is indeed the best, in my humble experience. I don't play on, and there's no mandolin on this video, but it's another one I filmed of some of my very good friends playing Irish tunes on my back porch, perhaps you will enjoy it.
    And yes, michaelcj, that is a stray string, but not a broken one, simply an unclipped one that replaced one that broke moments before

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